Client Settlements

It is not our intention to use this website as a “bragging” opportunity. We believe that our client’s cases are confidential and that to disclose information about them is a violation of the confidence that they have entrusted in us. Below are just a few examples of the factual situations that Neil Krupnick & Associates represent. These are provided to demonstrate just some of the scenarios that have been resolved in favor of our clients. Each resulted in a substantial settlement:

A general contractor was a passenger in a car driven by his friend in city traffic. The driver of a vehicle in a lane next to them made a sudden right turn, colliding with their car and pushing it into a light standard. The client suffered serious injuries to his neck and back which required a number of significant surgeries with permanent disabilities. He was out of work for 18 months.
A woman, age 35, while driving her car through an intersection on a green light, was struck by an 18-wheel tractor trailer that ran a red light. She was seriously injured and also developed severe problems with her jaw (TMJ). Multiple surgeries caused her to lose use of her right shoulder.
Our client was driving a motorcycle when he was broadsided by a truck while he was making a left turn at an intersection. The driver of the truck insisted that he had the green light and that our client had turned directly in front of him. We located a witness who had seen the collision, however, the insurance company refused to accept the witness’ version of the incident.
A 30 year old mechanic, while driving his motorcycle home from work, was struck by an on-duty, undercover Deputy County Sheriff. The County denied responsibility for the collision and for the extensive injuries suffered by our client. The injured man developed a very severe and complicated medical history which required surgery at the
Mayo Clinic. He has never returned to work because of his permanent disabilities.
A professional painter was injured when his car was rear-ended. He suffered injuries that required surgery to his right shoulder. Thereafter, he was unable to return to his job as a painter because he could not raise his right arm above his head. A claim was presented for bodily injury, together with a demand for past lost earnings and future loss of earning capacity and vocational rehabilitation.
Our client was driving her car on the freeway when she saw a disabled vehicle directly in front of her. Unable to change lanes due to traffic, she brought her car to a stop without hitting that vehicle and she was thereafter struck from the rear by another car. A claim was made against the driver of the disabled vehicle as well as the driver of the car that struck our client from the rear.
A 15 year old girl was a passenger in a car when another vehicle turned left directly in her path. A substantial settlement was reached and the money allocated to her was placed into a structured settlement which provided for periodic payments over the course of her life. All of these monies were tax-free as they were part of a program specifically designed to fund her educational and medical needs.
An elderly woman was walking on a public sidewalk when she was struck by a vehicle backing out of a residential driveway. Her husband was brought to the scene by a neighbor within 5 minutes of the incident. In addition to the damages for the woman, the husband sought a claim of his own for his lost of consortium due to his wife’s injury. The driver of the car contended that the woman was not looking where she was going before she was hit.
A client was injured in an automobile collision and suffered serious bodily injury. The driver of the car that caused the collision only maintained a minimum policy of insurance. After recovering the policy limit from the adverse driver, we sought additional benefits under our client’s Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UM). In addition to the policy limits which we obtained from the adverse driver, we also received a significant amount of money for our client under his own policy of insurance in a sufficient amount to compensate him for the injuries and damages that he had incurred.
A client, while walking down stairs after crossing a bridge, stepped onto a piece of plywood and fell into a hole and suffered a serious leg and ankle injury because the property owner failed to adequately cover the hole during construction. We made a claim against both the city and the construction company.