Personal Injury Services

How We Help
Upon acceptance, professional resources will be focused upon resolving the unique issues of your case and obtaining maximum recovery for you. No one can completely remedy the devastation of serious injury. We can recover the financial resources necessary to help put your life back together.

Our firm prepares all claims with attention to detail. As a direct result of our efforts, most cases do settle without the need for a mediation, arbitration or trial. If attendance at depositions, mediation, arbitration or trial becomes necessary, our clients will be well prepared by our attorneys.

A contract for our professional service means dependable representation. We will:

  • Organize the legal issues of your case
  • Obtain proper medical assessment and treatment
  • Evaluate human and economic loss
  • Assess future care needs
  • Conduct power negotiations
  • Present a winning case, and
  • Enforce recovery and costs

The goal is maximum recovery with a minimum of worry.

What Our Services Cost: No Recovery… No Fee!
What if I cannot afford a lawyer? Most, if not all, personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. That means that the attorney receives a portion of the money collected for you. So, the lawyer only gets paid when they win your case.

Our terms and fees are designed to be fair, both to Neil Krupnick & Associates, and to the client. If we obtain a settlement before the filing of a lawsuit, mediation, or arbitration, you will pay us, for our services, one-third (33.33%) of the amount recovered, together with the reimbursement of any costs we have advanced for you. If a lawsuit is filed, or the matter proceeds to mediation, arbitration, or trial, then the fee is forty percent (40%) of any amount received or recovered before deducting costs. These fees are negotiated between the client and the firm and are not set by law. In the unlikely event that we take your claim and we do not recover any money for you, you pay us nothing.

In addition, we do not charge a fee for an initial office or telephone consultation to discuss the facts of your potential claim. If we determine that your case merits our services, a contract employing our professional staff will be finalized.