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Neil Krupnick & Associates – Hard-Edged Compassion for Clients

Hopefully, you will never have to experience the pain of a substantial injury, the medical expenses that accompany such a trauma, or the loss of income which you may incur because of a serious collision caused by the negligence of another. Heaven forbid that you should ever be a member of the surviving family, faced with the loss of a parent, spouse or sibling, due to someone’s careless disregard for the safety of others. These are only a few of the complex legal and moral issues that Westlake Village attorneys, Neil Krupnick & Associates, contend with on a daily basis. “Who” is at fault? “How” did the collision occur? “What” is an appropriate value of the case? More and more individuals are turning to Neil Krupnick & Associates to represent them because of their experience in grappling with these questions.

Acknowledged by the California Trial Lawyer’s Association with the coveted ”Recognition of Experience Certificate” as a specialist in the field of personal injury, Neil Krupnick & Associates (NKA) are recognized among the best in their field. They also hold memberships in the Los Angeles and American Trial Lawyers Associations as well as the Ventura and Los Angeles County Bar Associations. Mr. Krupnick has also served as Judge Pro Tem in both Ventura and Los Angeles County.

Since graduating from the University of San Diego, School of Law and moving to Ventura County in 1974 with his wife, Neil Krupnick has earned a solid reputation as an astute and tough litigator who approaches his work with a hard-edged compassion for his clients. NKA has earned the respect of colleagues and opponents alike who have learned to never be surprised by the thoroughly professional case preparation they bring to court. This includes the time and effort involved in finding and securing the services of some of the nation’s foremost experts in their own respective fields to testify on his clients’ behalf. Representing clients who have suffered significant injuries as a result of an automobile or motorcycle collision typically results in far-reaching consequences. NKA often times finds themselves in the position of having to negotiate for the future well-being of the client’s physical and medical condition together with that individual’s past loss of earnings and future earning capacity. Thus, they believe that they are really fighting for the future well-being of the client’s family. The psychological damage to the family that is caused by the loss of life or the incapacitation of a spouse or child is incalculable, but Mr. Krupnick believes that the laws of the State of California were developed to protect and compensate victims and their families from wrongful and negligent acts of others. “Fortunately, our society does not subscribe to the philosophy of an ‘eye for an eye’ and people should receive a fair dollar amount which is consistent with the nature and extent of their injury,” so says Krupnick. “Our clients should not be rewarded for having been involved in a collision, but they are entitled to reasonable compensation.”

Neil Krupnick & Associates has elected to limit their practice to substantial and complex personal injury cases involving automobile, motorcycle and pedestrian injuries. These claims result in catastrophic injuries and oftentimes death of an individual. Consequently, they realize that family members are often devastated by these tragic circumstances and the surviving spouses and children must be helped. Mr. Krupnick acknowledges that ”in these types of substantial personal injury cases, we deal with some of the toughest and brightest defense attorneys in the State of California.”

Neil Krupnick & Associates has earned the reputation of practicing only the highest standards of professionalism in the field of substantial and complex personal injury cases. NKA has served Ventura County since 1972 with the level of integrity and moral responsibility that this challenging field of law demands. “Westlake Village has developed into a sophisticated business community over the past several years,” says Krupnick, ”and I am proud to be an integral part of its growth.”

Neil Krupnick – A Man of Principle

Westlake Magazine has saluted outstanding personalities throughout its history. For this anniversary issue, we found it appropriate to revisit one of the most professional of these, an attorney who seems to personify many of the qualities we value most: integrity, dedication to family values and a sense of community consciousness. Neil Krupnick & Associates has achieved notable success in a field that is extremely competitive, personal injury. Their practice is limited to the representation of clients who have been substantially injured as a result of an automobile collision, motorcycle or pedestrian injury.

“Not only the accident victims, but their families are frequently in desperate need of help–help which, all too often, they are unable to obtain for themselves,” says Krupnick. “Sometimes, in these types of cases, the unrepresented injured party may be overpowered by the vast financial resources of insurance companies on the opposing side. It is our responsibility to see to it that those victims are equally well represented against some of the toughest and brightest attorneys in the profession. We can’t always restore their health or normal life, but we can arrange for them to be able to afford the best legitimate medical care for as long as it is needed.

When asked how clients are able to pay a fee for their services in light of accumulating medical expenses, Krupnick explained “that cases are handled on a contingency or percentage fee basis and that the client pays nothing until the case is settled.” NKA holds memberships in a variety of legal professional organizations including the Ventura and Los Angeles County and American Bar Associations, California Trial Lawyers, Consumer Attorney’s Association of Los Angeles. Neil Krupnick has served as a Judge Pro Tem and he also sits on a panel of attorneys chosen by the Ventura County Superior Court as a Settlement Officer and Arbitrator.

Acknowledged by the California Trial Lawyer’s Association with the “Recognition of Experience Certificate” as a trial lawyer in the field of personal injury, Neil Krupnick is widely recognized and respected among the best in his field. They are astute and tough litigators who approach their work with hard-edged compassion for their clients. What then is the secret of their reputation as a firm who can win these difficult cases? “I believe in painstaking preparation,” Krupnick explains. “Because lawyers have few friends today, I think that the best indicator of the value of an attorney lies within his ability to present the most credible evidence available, and I am willing to secure and work with the best experts, on
behalf of our clients.”

Mr. Krupnick is convinced that they are fighting a vital and necessary battle for the future financial well-being of their clients and their families. He continues: “Everyone is entitled to reasonable compensation for tragedies caused by the wrongful and negligent acts of others. California laws have been developed not to punish the wrongdoer, but rather for the protection and compensation of victims in these types of cases.” He added, that “our clients are important to me. We believe in obtaining maximum benefits for their cases”.

Achievement, to the Krupnicks, carries an obligation to give back, and they are very involved in the community. Specifically, his wife and daughter have enjoyed their participation in the National Charity League. Neil has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Hospice of the Conejo, and as a family, they are supporters of the Boys & Girls Club, and the Civic Arts Plaza in Thousand Oaks. Neil Krupnick & Associates has earned the reputation of practicing only the highest standards of professionalism in the field of substantial and complex personal injury cases. They continue, now into their third decade of practice, to meet the challenges of this demanding field of law with the same level of integrity and moral responsibility that has brought them the respect and acclaim of both colleagues and clients. Westlake Village can be as proud of Neil Krupnick & Associates as they are of our community. “As we continue to develop as a sophisticated business and cultural community, we are happy to be an integral part of its ongoing growth.”