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Bill & Janet Sloate

During our representation by Neil Krupnick & Associates we found their performance to be professional, courteous, and attentive, especially Mr. Krupnick himself. Mr. Krupnick was instrumental in the success of our case with his guidance and professionalism.  He left no stone unturned and no questions went unanswered. Upon meeting with him my wife and I immediately felt and observed an honest  and trustworthy individual that had a strength of character you wanted on your side in a courtroom!  Neil and team had impeccable follow-up skills  and we honestly believe that this case would have not been won without him. Not only did we win our case, we settled feeling that it was the most satisfactory conclusion possible. We very much appreciated him at this stressful time in our lives. We want to give Neil Krupnick & Associates our most sincere thank you.

Bill & Janet Sloate 05/15/2017

Ann Devoss

I was referred to Neil Krupnick by a colleague of mine. It was absolutely the best referral I have received! Neil and his office kept me informed every step of the way and explained the process of my case. Neil was so conscientious and would call me to see how I was doing even when there weren’t any case-related questions or issues. I have met many lawyers over the years and not one can hold a candle to the compassion and the fierceness Neil has to fight for his clients. I would highly recommend Neil to my family and if god forbid if something else would happen to me Neil would be my first and only choice.

Ann Devoss 05/15/2017

Thomas Barad

Neil Krupnick is a thoughtful and smart strategist and litigator. He is also well connected in the Ventura County legal community and familiar with the labyrinth of procedures and delays that you’ll face should your claim go to arbitration. In my case, Neil Krupnick was successful in obtaining a remedy that exceeded our expectations given the nature of the complaint. The award was all the more satisfying because we were up against a well funded, high profile law firm that was determined to wear me down. The whole process took longer than I had anticipated but ultimately it was worth the effort since the damage to my brain is lifelong. My advice: Follow Mr. Krupnick’s counsel and you won’t do any better with another firm.

Thomas Barad 05/15/2017

Christopher Sheldon

Working with Neil Krupnick was like talking with family or a close friend. He was honest, fair, caring, educated, professional, sensitive, open & driven. He made me feel comfortable. I was never made to feel stupid for any questions I asked, even when I later realized the answers were obvious. I was impressed that despite being a popular lawyer, Neil was made available whenever I had a question. Being able to reach my attorney was very comforting. Neil was as familiar with the details of my case as if he had lived through it himself. His attention to detail and being thorough was very impressive. In court, he was the best, so confident, organized and strong. Couldn’t have asked for a better law firm and lawyer to handle my case.

Christopher Sheldon 05/15/2017